We specialise on building MVPs and complete solutions

Do you a have an idea of a service? You need a website or mobile app?
We quickly iterate from design to development. Speed and simplicity are our top priorities. Websites we build work nice on both desktop and mobile platforms.
We utilize top-notch technologies, adopt best practices and follow lean development approach. Our everyday stack is Ruby on Rails, React and Node.js.
Your business is the most important thing for us. We help you to understand the product and optimize processes behind it. Get free 1-hour consulting.


Ultimate solution for food delivery
“I think these guys helped us to skyrocket the project in just 3 months. We really greatful the we had pleasure to work with them. They really proactive and implemented our idea even better than we could ever wish for!”
- Alexandr Khatlamjiev, CEO of Smartomato
Top-notch resume generator
"Working with Alex and Tikhon was a relief. They understand user experience/interfaces, business logic, scalability and reliability, planning and communication but most importantly their tech. Because they know what they are doing we can focus on building awesome products together."
- Menno, CEO of Resume.io
My Tenanted Property
Market place for property in UK
“These guys are truly professionals: they have delivered a working prototype of my web-service in just 2 weeks! They indeed understand how business works and at the same they provide reliable engineering help and support. Nice job!”
- Edward, CEO of MyTenantedPropery

Don’t know how to start?

We do realise that sometimes it is really hard to understand the key of the problem. Because of that we provide you with free 1-hour consulting. Let’s chat!